Social Support to the Yezidi Community

According to the state of emergency declared in Armenia on March 16, 2020, a number of restrictions have been imposed to prevent the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic. Then, a number of state programs have been developed to neutralize the social-economic consequences of the coronavirus allowing the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, who are beneficiaries of any of the programs, to reduce the socio-economic consequences of the coronavirus by using state support. During this crisis, Shams NGO has conducted a survey (face-to-face and online) to find out the urgent needs of Yazidi community who are at most risk and try to find some ways for mitigating the causes of the pandemic among the community.
During our activities we have managed to raise funds for 3 families (16 people overall)living in extreme poverty. The funding has been provided by our partner in Germany Eziden Weltweit e.V. We have managed to provide food and hygene supplies to 2 families (6 people in each) in Ferik village, Vagharshapat city, Armavir region and one family (4 people) in Aygavan village, Artashat city, Ararat region. These families are at most risk, one of them is struggling with illness and lack of documents and is left out of the state and community, the others have new born babies and are unemployed.
We are thankful to our partner for every single support to our community in Armenia.

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