Cultural Event

The main goal of the cultural events program of “Shams” Humanitarian NGO is to ensure guarantees for the preservation of the national identity of the Yezidi people – safe, peaceful and favorable conditions through the preservation, development and dissemination of national culture, cultural education, civic, aesthetic education and enlightenment.
Since the day of our foundation, with the support of benefactor Mirza Sloyan and his sons, we have carried out a number of cultural events to preserve the identity and cultural values ​​of the Yezidi people.
This year, with the support of Roman Sloyan, we organized a meeting-event with Yezidi children and youth to arouse interest in culture among them, to involve them in various cultural processes, because they are the ones who shape our future. During this event, we had an exhibition of paintings by a young Yezidi artist, a discussion on the importance of education, which will lead step by step to the moral recovery of society, to the creation of favorable conditions for the development of Yazidi culture.

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