Humanitarian Assistance for the Front Line

“Shams” Humanitarian NGO, with the funding of “Initiative for Yezidis Around the World” (Eziden Weltweit e.V.) NGO, has sent humanitarian support of totalling 522.50 Euros to the front line in support of Artsakh and the RA Defense Army.

We have provided vital items to the front line:✔️4 sleeping bags,✔️10 thick military sweaters,✔️31 winter sweaters,✔️10 pieces of underwear,✔️35 pieces of thick socks,✔️26 pieces of thin socks,✔️10 winter hats,✔️5 military gloves.

The entire staff of the Shams NGO would like to thank our partner organization operating in Germany for providing financial support, strengthening us and fighting for peace with us during this difficult period.

#StrongerTogether #StrongArtsakh #WeWantPeace

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