Humanitarian Aid

Shams Humanitarian NGO, with the support of Eziden Weltweit e.V., has provided an additional social assistance (ammounting EUR 350) to Yezidi families living in Armenia to fight COVID-19 pandemic.In total, the Eziden Weltweit e.V. provided emergency assistance to our beneficiaries for EUR 450 in July-August 2020. We have provided vital assistance by partnering with humanists and stakeholders to prioritize families in need of investment.This time the money has been allocated to meet the needs of vulnerable families who are unable to earn their living due to the pandemic.

Thanks to this assistance, we have provided them with food and sanitary supplies. Social assistance has been provided to 8 families in Aragatsotn region and 2 families in Ararat region, a total of 74 people, 37 of whom are children.Shams NGO is grateful to our partner organization Eziden Weltweit e.V. for being by our side in this difficult time, to Mr. Roman Sloyan for providing human and technical resources, to RA National Assembly Deputy Rustam Bakoyan, for not rejecting our invitation and being present during the whole process of distributing the support.

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