Humanitarian Aid to the RA Army

Through the efforts of Roman Sloyan, the son of philanthropist Mirza Sloyan, and RA MP Rustam Bakoyan, a devotee of the Yezidi people, Shams Humanitarian NGO provides humanitarian assistance to the people striving for peace in Artsakh, further strengthening the brotherly spirit and united strength of the Armenian and Yezidi nations.

With the support of Mr. Sloyan and Mr. Bakoyan, humanitarian aid is being sent to the conflict area, and in order to support and strengthen the families of those who left for the establishing peace, Mr. Sloyan and Mr Bakoyan personally contacts the Yezidis abroad to mobilize all possible resources.

To date, we have provided 3 UAZ ambulances, military supplies, 2 cars of medicines, warm clothes, food and other necessary items. We have also raised funds, appropriate equipment, essentials for the front line to be sent to Artsakh in the near future.


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