Legal Assistance

The legal department of Shams NGO has so far received 184 inquiries, both written and face-to-face, regarding the socio-economic concequences of the COVID-19 in Armenia.
In the received inquiries and complaints the raised issues can be divided into two groups: technical issues and issues requiring a necessary legal regulation.
In the state of emergency, we feel more than obliged to conduct all legal consultations in the most favorable and safe environment for our beneficiaries, so we use the communication method chosen by each of them.

It has been 4 months since the Shams Humanitarian NGO, with the support of the German Marshall Fund, launched a rapid response social assistance program entitled “Addressing COVID-19 Impacted Yazidi Needs in Armenia” to alleviate the needs of vulnerable groups of the Yazidi community living in Armenia. As a result of the program, 64 people have already received legal assistance, and 184 people have received legal advice.

This project is funded by Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation and The German Marshall Fund of the United States . #BST4YazidisinArmenia, #AddressingImpactedYazidiNeeds

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